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Snowball lover since 1984
Welcome to Snowballtimore. My name is Chloe Irla and I love snowballs. This project began in the summer of 2016 when I visited over a dozen local snowball stands in Baltimore including Walther Gardens (the oldest snowball stand in the country!), One Sweet Moment, Elizabeth & Ziggy’s, Sensational Snowballs, and Summer Delights. I documented the architecture of each snowball stand in the early morning before the stand opened for the day. I then returned to the stand to order what I considered the most unique snowball flavor on the menu and photographed the snowball. I illustrated a map of the locations of each stand and assembled the photographs and map into a small zine (booklet). Each stand has its pros and cons: for example, Elizabeth & Ziggy's has the best ice, but Sensational Snowballs has the best marshmallow. I highlight these traits in posters I’ve been designing since that first summer doing research. My goal with this project is to establish Snowballtimore as an authority and archive for this summer Baltimore tradition and to publicly “certify” city snowball stands as being recognized by this project.
The news in Baltimore is often bleak, especially in the summer when crime rates seem to rise. I hope to promote this positive, community-engaged practice of going to an independently owned, small business establishment and spending time bonding with community members while cooling off with sugary, shaved ice and gooey marshmallow in a styrofoam cup. 
A large, marshmallow-topped thank you to the Baltimore chapter of the Awesome Foundation for funding this project.

Awesome Foundation Grant
Baltimore, MD - 2019


Carroll Nonprofit Center

Westminster, MD 

May–September 2018

ZIP 21214: Art/Work/Home
Hamilton Gallery, Baltimore, MD 
July–August 2019

Hamilton Gallery, Baltimore, MD 
Summer 2020

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